Our clients are mostly investment institutions and other financial market participants. They include some of the world's most successful macro hedge funds, as well as large, international asset management companies. They subscribe to Now-Casting for a number of reasons:

To get up to speed quickly
Now-Casting has identified which data series matter in each economy, and shows you quickly how all the key indicators - including GDP - are moving
To read the newsflow
Now-Casting provides a transparent, quantified way to interpret all of the key data releases - including surveys
To get the most up to date assessment
Now-Casting delivers an assessment of the current state of the economy which is automatically updated whenever relevant data releases are published. It exploits the incremental information in every release
To get a dispassionate view
Now-Casting publishes the output from its statistical model automatically, without any judgmental intervention. It is entirely unbiased, and therefore useful as a benchmark against which to compare judgmental forecasts
To get the best near-term forecast
Now-Casting is proven to be at least as accurate as the best judgmental forecasters, but much more timely. And Now-Casting publishes forecasts not just for GDP, but for all of the key data series in each economy
To get a macro feed for trading algorithms
Now-Casting delivers its constantly updated now-cast series in multiple formats - via the web site and automated emails, via downloads and CSV files, and in specific formats requested by clients for this purpose.